A Catalyst for Change

Since 2003, The Lake County Community Foundation has played an important role in our community as a convener, connector and catalyst for positive social change. Our experienced board and staff continue to engage in valuable leadership work across Lake County. Here is some information about our latest engagements and focus areas.

Driving Countywide Coordination

Beginning in 2015, the Foundation underwent an extensive evaluation process in partnership with key stakeholders representing different segments of the community. Our discussions helped us gain valuable feedback from volunteers, donors, nonprofits, foundations, faith-based institutions and representatives from local government about the work we do and the value we bring as a community partner.

Through these conversations, our board and staff determined a need for the Foundation to place a greater focus on:

  • Leading countywide coordination
  • Convening and fostering networking opportunities
  • Sharing relevant research and information to help communities make informed decisions

In response, the Foundation’s staff has strategically focused community leadership efforts on areas that directly align with our community investment strategy.

Collective Impact

The Lake County Community Foundation has been a participating member of the Collective Impact Forum’s national funder community of practice since its inception in 2015. The Collective Impact Forum is an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions.

As a member of the national funder community of practice, Foundation staff has been able to translate learning into action through partnership in various collective impact initiatives across Lake County.

The Together Summit
In January 2017, the Foundation served as a co-sponsor and fiscal agent for Lake County’s first Together Summit, a gathering of nearly 200 leaders committed to working together to improve the health and quality of life of all Lake County residents.
Together Summit Results

Live Well Lake County
Foundation staff has served on the Steering Committee of Live Well Lake County since 2012. The Live Well Lake County Steering Committee is comprised of countywide leaders representing key community areas including: philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, health systems, education and government. We serve as a knowledgeable thought partner and resource in supporting community health assessment processes, prioritizing community issues and driving strategies to promote positive social change within key focus areas that improve the overall health and wellness of all who live, work and play in Lake County.

Eat Well Action Team
As part of our work through Live Well Lake County, Foundation staff partners with representatives from the Lake County Health Department and the University of Illinois Extension to lead one of six action teams that has been established to address the need to improve and promote nutritional opportunities within Lake County’s local food environment.

The Eat Well Action Team is comprised of members representing 15 organizations with the mission to empower those who live, work, and play in Lake County to have access, resources, skills and knowledge to eat healthy by cultivating strong collaborations and aligning community efforts.

For questions about the Foundation’s leadership work or to learn more, please contact Maggie Morales or call 847-377-0520.