The Alliance for Human Services: Uniting and Sustaining the Sector

After convening Lake County health and human services agencies in a series of dialogues between 2008-2010, making significant investments in nonprofit capacity building through grant making, launching the REACH program, providing technical assistance workshops for nonprofits and culminating with a request by nonprofit leaders that the Foundation actively engage the nonprofit sector in creating system change, the Foundation launched the Leadership Task Force in 2010.


The Foundation announced its largest investment to date with the 2011-2012 grant to the Leadership Task Force and its coalition of member organizations. This phase included a year-long process to assist the coalition as it transformed into a viable human services council with the goal of implementing and sustaining a unified system of human services delivery throughout Lake County.


Now in its third year of support, the Leadership Task Force has transitioned to The Alliancefor Human Services and has incorporated as a 501(c)3, hired its first executive director and articulated its mission: to continuously improve the delivery of human services in Lake County.


The Alliance, as a membership-based organization, will create a more robust and collaborative health and human services sector in Lake County that isenhanced by technology, interagency relationships and opportunities toserve those in need more efficiently and effectively. The new executivedirector, John Shustitzky, brings 35-years of experience working toimprove communities and help people lead healthy, productive, fulfilledlives. Working for a variety of nonprofit mental health, human servicesand educational organizations, he has served in senior and executive leadership roles.


The Alliance is now positioned to expand the implementation and use of the countywide case management and referral system, ServicePoint®, lead a public policy agenda on behalf of the health and human servicessector of Lake County and improve client care coordination.

The Alliance for Human Services

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Strengthening the Safety Net

The Alliance seeks to ensure that all county health and human services agencies have the resources and capacities to effectively meet the needs of the county's diverse communities through the following objectives:

  • document the supply and demand for human services across the county
  • develop and begin to execute a countywide referral/case management database implementation plan
  • initiate a visioning and strategic planning process for the development of a human services council
  • develop and begin to implement a public strategy engagement plan

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